Hlas Evanjelia z rádia

Almost 15 years later when we could not see the answer and started to give up the idea , God started to act His way. This is the way God is working in many situations. One has to give up his plans , his goals to allow God to work. In 2008 God opened the door for Slovak HCJB GLOBAL partner to work out the frequency survey for the Banska Bystrica territory. A license for transmitter with 500 W radiated power was granted with estimated 150.000 people in reach. Now Slovak partner of HCJB GLOBAL in coopereation with TWR Slovakia has been working out the technical and financial aspects of the broadcasting. The transmitter is on air since January 31, 2009. We are still in need of local broadcasting studio , but we believe God knows about our needs and he will provide in His time and His way.

Praise God for the opportunity for Evangelical Churches to start 24- hour-a-day FM broadcasting in Slovak and Czech language . Praise God for unnamed countless givers who have felt God ´s call

to support Slovak and Czech broadcasting ministry. HCJB GLOBAL SLOVAKIA wants to express deep thankfullnes to HCJB GLOBAL Ministry for financial, prayer and technical support to this project. God knows the names and He is faithfull to reward .